Member of the Month-Brad Clark

Focus Fitness is thrilled to introduce Brad Clark as the Member of the Month for November. Many of youbrad-clark know him already as he is a frequent face at the gym and all our extra curricular events. Brad exemplifies what makes a Focus Fitness member great and he is also a darn fine human being. Those of you that have met him know that he is not only one of the most fit people we know but he is always interested in what others have going on and he offers his distinctive perspective to all his interactions.

His motivation for working out with a trainer came, as many do, from recovering from an injury. “I needed to get stronger and balanced after an injury and I wanted to learn new ways to exercise and properly lift weights.” It’s important to maintain proper form when lifting and even more so when bringing your body back from trauma. Since starting with Dave two years ago Brad has achieved his goal of getting stronger and recovering from the injury. He gets “safe, smart progressions that [he doesn’t] have to design or worry are going to work… and are balanced.”

“The cost of training is cheaper than the cost of a doctor visit and a therapy session and can be better than both of those things, getting stronger has helped me in every part of my life from simple things like lifting grocery bags onto the counter to being able to play and pick up and be active with my kids without fear.”

brad-clark-martial-artsIn reaching for our goals we always learn about ourselves and Brad is no exception. “There is always something to learn or self discovery [in] trying something new but the unexpected excitement of seeing my lifts hit PR and finding new muscles or new strength has expanded what I thought I was capable of doing and I love that!” We love hearing about the positive benefits our members are achieving from working at Focus Fitness. “The personal, boutique feel and non-competitive atmosphere of Focus Fitness is a great way to workout after experiencing other types of training. The personal benefits from working out out like getting stronger, feeling better, recovering from injury are all great but the biggest win was the reaction to the “new stronger me” my wife had.” Well you can’t ask for more than that now can you? Keep up the good work, Brad, and we’ll look forward to seeing all of you at the gym!

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