Resolve to Live Positively

You’ve made it past the holiday feasting, travel, and stress and to the middle of January. How are those resolutions working out for you? Oh yes, the dreaded resolutions. They are always along the same vein… I’m gonna lose weight, I’m gonna eat healthier, I’m finally going to pay down those credit cards or save more or get organized. We stick to these fickle goals for what seems like a moment before we go back to our regular lives and our regular habits. What about trying a new kind of resolution this year? Rather than trying to change your life with restrictive measures on food, money, or time try to incorporate kindness and community into your life.

Ok, that sounds good. What does that mean?

I’m not suggesting giving up on your other goals but only adding a layer of positive energy into your life. One way to achieve that is through community participation. Studies have shown that people working together on shared goals have a far higher success rate than those plodding forward on their own. You want to lose weight or change the way you eat? Find a friend that has the same goal and make them an integral part of your process. Start a weekly/monthly healthy recipe swap and go grocery shopping together. It’s harder to grab that triple chocolate ice cream or bag of chips with your workout buddy watching. It’s the togetherness of the activity that can help you be more successful.

You can take it a step further and get out and donate some of your time and energy to helping others. There are many organizations all across town that always need a helping hand. Why not go help out at the local food bank or one of the hundreds of other places that need assistance. Get a group of friends together to volunteer or check out one of the many opportunities to meet new people while doing good for your community. There are sites available to help like minded people get together to do just about anything you can think of. Everything from exercise, eating, cooking, outdoor activities, volunteer possibilities, books, to games or income tax groups. You can add aspects of positivity and community in small ways or go big if you like; the point is there are options to do more this year with your life than you thought possible. Doing it with other people means you’ll stick with it longer and see more success than you ever could by yourself. Give yourself the lasting gift of giving back and you’ll reap the rewards long after the new year.

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