Why Focus Fitness?

“Why do people in the traditional gym setting fail to meet their goals and get results?”
Now there’s a question. We think these are the answers: people often have unclear goals or no clear map to reach them; they aren’t getting exceptional instruction and guidance; and they often don’t have a positive environment or social support system.
We used those answers to change practically everything about the traditional gym, and created a hybrid model with fitness coaching at the center. So our gym is unlike anything you’ve seen before – and that’s what will ensure your success.


Free Strategy Session:

First things first: we always start by taking the time to learn about your personal health history, past injuries, and previous training experience, along with your specific goals. Then we guide you through a set of strength, balance, and flexibility evaluations known as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  While traditional gyms may or may not schedule this session after you join, at Focus Fitness, this session is integral to our model. You learn how we operate and we learn what we need to program your success.

Customized Program Design:

The information obtained during the strategy session dictates the structure of your customized program.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and we know that a general, mass-targeted fitness regimen simply does not work for your specific needs and goals.  After designing your program, one of our highly qualified coaches will take you through your workout in our unique semi-private setting.

Semi-Private Training Sessions:

When you become a member of Focus Fitness, you won’t just walk into the gym by yourself and wonder what to do. Instead, you’ll train every time with a coach and three to four other hard-working, like-minded individuals. Why? Because semi-private training gets results – and it solves a lot of problems we’ve identified with traditional 1:1 personal training.

Fun workouts work better. First, research proves it gets better results. Semi-private training allows us to deliver the highly effective, personalized coaching that you’d expect from a 1:1 session. But it also builds in a social support system for the group, with an atmosphere of encouragement, camaraderie, and friendly competition more like group classes or bootcamps than the 1:1 model.

Less expense means more gym time. Second, it allows us to help more people attain fitness.  At half the cost of traditional personal training, it enables members to train more frequently for a longer commitment of time which guarantees better results.

Flexible scheduling makes it easy to come in. Finally, because coaches are able to schedule several people per session, members have a lot more flexibility as well, and will find it a lot easier to make the time to come in for a workout. And that, too, means better results.